Frivolous Friday Chit Chat: growing Out gray Hair, J. Lo Makin’ Me want to go to Pilates Every Day, and Blending Boot Camp

Let’s talk about roots (among other things)!
Buna dimineata prietene. pleased Friday…

I’m doing my best to smile and keep a positive cattitude best now, because I don’t want to evoke any much more disappointment or sadness or frustration or pain at a time when the news is 24/7 heartbreaking.


If you’ve turned on the news once in the past two days, you know what I’m talking about.

So, let’s talk about frivolous stuff, because the major issues will still be major at the end of the day. We Americans will still have to figure these things out, but best now…at this moment, on this blog, I want to talk about things like gray hair.

Early yesterday morning, as I was getting ready to take Connor to her two-year pediatric checkup, I looked at my roots and thought, dammit, I really gotta do something about this situation, because I’m about two weeks from my next hair coloring appointment.


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I don’t typically mind the process of covering up my grays myself during the weeks when my roots go from barely visible to OH, SH*T girl between beauty salon visits, taking the root cover-up spray, and spraying it on, and then using the crayon for baby hairs up front. It hasn’t been a big deal, but for some reason it was this past month and a half. It was a big pain in the @ss.

I don’t want to say that I’m lazy…but I just might be, LOL! The last thing I want to do is deal with covering up my grays. I just don’t want to do it. Also, I haven’t been into the way these products make my roots feel stiff…

I get on these strange kicks, and best now I don’t like it when my hair feels lacquered in any way, but between the spray and the waxy crayon, that’s how my hair feels, like there’s pounds of product in it.

So the other night I couldn’t go to sleep, and I thought, like…what if I just grew my hair out and let my salt ‘n’ pepper hair come through? What if I committed to just growing out my gray?

It would take about a year, and I could write about it! I could let it grow out, see what happens, and if I end up not liking how it looks, I’ll just dye my hair again. among other things, “it’s something to do,” and I’ve always been the kind of person who likes to be in the process of doing something with my hair, whether it’s growing it out, cutting it short, doing bangs, pink streaks, or waiting for a new season to change the color again. I’ve always liked to play with my hair.

So I think I’m gonna do this. I even started researching how to grow out gray hair, but then I viewed some freakin’ J. Lo music videos and started googling J. Lo pics, and can I just say that J. Lo is the high pony of all high ponytails? OY!

I keep wanting to quit her, but I can’t. She’s been a hair/makeup icon of mine for so numerous years. I think, like, “Karen, you really have to relocation on,” but then I view a J. Lo video, and it doesn’t matter if it’s from back in the day or something new, and I’m like, “DAMMIT, J. LO! YOU ARE MY HASHTAG #GOALS.”

She’s the only reason I do squats, for one, and her hair is so beautiful! I love the caramel tones, the layering, the length… It’s just so luscious!

Anyway, I was viewing her videos and taking a look at her hair and thinking, “Hmm… maybe I shouldn’t let my grays grow out. maybe I ought to do something caramel-ly or butterscotch-y instead!”

I dunno… I don’t know what I’m going to do.

Speaking of J. Lo…the makeup in the get best video is everything. It’s the video where she plays a bunch of different characters, and um…some of the makeup looks a little dated, but I think it still looks so pretty, like the shots where she’s wearing the black crop top, the low black pants and her hoops, and the black jacket with the fur. She’s got this frosty bronze eye that goes from lash line to brow bone, and yeah, the eye makeup very mid-2000s, but her skin and her glossy nude lips… J. Lo, you are stomping the runway of my suburban existence!

OK, let me put some dry shampoo on my hair because it’s gross best now…

One last thing, I’m thinking about possibly doing some messages with eyeshadow blending tips, like a blending boot camp series. If I do, what kinds of things and looks and techniques would you like to see? What kind of things do you struggle with? Do you not know which brushes to use? Does your eyeshadow end up looking patchy? tell me what you’d like to improve upon, and I’ll see what I can do.


Ai grijă de tine prietene. TGIF. speak with you soon.

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